Can’t We All Get Along?

Is it better for Christians to avoid conflict, or learn how to deal with it?

We’ve all been in situations in which someone is calling us out – or perhaps we’re the ones doing the calling – and in those times it is nice to know the Bible has something to say about how we relate to, and communicate with, each other.

If James is considered an in-your-face book, then the opening passage from chapter 4 is certainly one of the most intense texts of the entire Bible. James doesn’t mix words – he’s out to communicate clearly the way a Christian should think about, speak about, and interact with other people, particularly other Christians. One of the most important statements that James makes has to do with judgment, and how so much division and conflict can arise when we indulge a selfish desire to classify people by their attitudes or behaviors.

There will always be conflict in the Church; this is a reality for any group of human beings. The important thing is to learn how to identify it, mitigate it, and find a way forward together.

On this episode of The DBC Podcast, Bo Bowen sits down with Jeff Reams, Minister of Missions, and Barb Newman, Director of Congregational Ministries to discuss in detail how we should and should not deal with conflict, both in the church and in our daily lives. Personal stories are shared of times of triumph and failure, and we examine what it really takes to maintain healthy avenues of communication even when there are sharp differences of opinion between friend, family, and church members.

Please add to this conversation by commenting in the space below. Let us know what further questions you might have, or your own thoughts on how Christians deal with conflict. If you have a story to share about a time when you were forced into tense conflict, let us know what you learned from it.

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Episode 4 - Can't We All Get Along?

Episode 4 – Can’t We All Get Along?

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