Talk Isn’t Cheap

Can a Christian use swear words? Or, perhaps a more thought-provoking question, can a Christian who uses swear words still be deeply committed to a life of holiness?

Is it sinful to be angry, or just easier when you’re angry?

Is it wrong to view the actual day-to-day living of the Christian life as a checklist of behaviors – of dos and don’ts? How does keeping track of our individual statements and actions – not to mention our thoughts and emotions – impact the way we live out our faith in God?

How do we avoid becoming legalistic in our thoughts and our behaviors while still maintaining specific morals and standards of conduct? How fine is that line, and how do we even go about drawing it?

On this episode of The DBC Podcast, Bo Bowen sits down with Jeff Reams, DBC’s Minister of Missions, and Steve Johns, teacher of the “Growing in Christ” Sunday Morning Bible Study class. Together, they discuss the impact that emotions, language, and selfish impulses play on the life of faith. When we get right down to day-in-day-out, nitty-gritty living, it is often hard to maintain a higher standard of behavior, or to reflect Christ’s call that his followers “be perfect as your heavenly father is perfect” (Matt. 5:48). However, Paul’s direct language in Ephesians 4:25-5:20 makes it pretty clear the expectation that is placed on our manner of speaking and interacting with others. So, how do we move forward in obedience?

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Episode 13 - Talk Isn't Cheap

Episode 13 – Talk Isn’t Cheap

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