Do You Hear It?

“We’re on a mission from God.”

This famous line from The Blues Brothers shows just how far we’ve come from understanding what true mission is all about. We sometimes hear people – not only Christians – talk about being “called” to something. You might ask “Who called you?” and if they don’t think it’s God, they will often appeal to at least some sort of higher reality.

So, what does it really look like? Feel like? Sound like? What does it mean for God to call someone to something? Why does God even need our help?

On this episode of The DBC Podcast, guest host Jeff Reams, Minister of Missions, sits down to discuss in detail what it feels like to both receive God’s call, and what it looks like to respond to it. He is joined by Katie Phillips, DBC’s volunteer leader of our 1 Family Orphan Care Ministry, and just-arrived-in-the-States missions intern, Alberto Gurrieri, who hails from Bologna, Italy. Together, they pursue a conversation on how to think more pointedly about the concept of God’s call, and what it looks like to trust in the provision he provides.

Please join the conversation by adding your own thoughts, experiences, and questions in the Comment section below. And don’t forget to leave a review of this podcast on our iTunes page. The link is available by clicking the image below.

Episode 16 - Do You Hear It?

Episode 16 – Do You Hear It?

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