Believe It or Not

“I’m glad you’ve found something to believe in,” they say. “That’s good that it works for you. It just doesn’t work for me.”

“Why not?”

The answer to that question is never very clear. But what is perhaps the most frustrating part is the insinuation that what a Christian believes should be ineffectual outside of an individual, private experience. A growing number of people would probably agree that belief in God should merely “work” for the person who claims it, but have no further impact on anyone else.

But what we believe is meant to direct everything we do. The way we speak, the choices we make, the manner in which we live – all of these things should flow from our beliefs. Sadly, though, many Christians rarely take the time to even examine why they believe what they say they believe, let alone surrender their entire lives to such beliefs.

Furthermore, not only are our beliefs meant to transform our own lives, but Scripture reminds us it is also supposed to impact others. We have a responsibility as professed “believers” to carefully consider what we believe, not only so we will mature spiritually, but so that our conviction can impact others, oftentimes in ways we are oblivious to. This is the nature of true community.

On this episode of The DBC Podcast, Bo Bowen sits down with all-star co-host Mark Paul (Minister with Students) and brand-new-to-the-podcast Brenda Russell (Minister with Children) to talk about the importance of examining what you believe and committing yourself to it. The discussion focuses closely on the importance of “passing on” our beliefs to future generations, but we make sure to unpack the difference between guiding a young person into a unique, personal experience with God, and indoctrinating them with a  predetermined, cut-from-a-mold faith system. As ministers who believe strongly in legacy – exemplifying faithfulness for the next generation – Mark and Brenda have a lot of great thoughts on the subject.

We discuss a lot of other things as well, including which Back to the Future 2 inventions we don’t need and which ones would be nice, Brenda’s misconception that Bo Bowen and Chip Ingram are the same person, and why everyone should read Mark Paul’s new book, Remember Jane. This is a great podcast episode you’ll want to listen to again and again.

Click the image below to be directed to the official iTunes page where you can stream, download, or subscribe to the podcast. Or you can listen on the audio player below.

Episode 17 - Believe It or Not

Episode 17 – Believe It or Not

By the way, you can order Mark Paul’s book, Remember Jane, HERE.

And you can read Bo Bowen’s blog series, Reasons Why, HERE 



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