So You Think You Can Baptist?

The old adage goes like this: Where there are two Baptists together, there are three opinions. 

Whether or not you grew up in the “Bible Belt” of America, you’ve probably seen a Baptist church before. And chances are that if you’ve seen one Baptist church you’ve seen at least one other church not too far down the road also bearing the name Baptist (and more than likely formed because of a disagreement its people had with people in the first church).

The pervading belief in society regarding church denominations in general, and Baptist churches in particular, is that we can’t get along with one another, or that we stubbornly refuse to change or adapt our beliefs to accommodate the progression of culture, or that we’re just in constant disagreement. Such misconceptions go right along with the belief that the vast majority of Christians are nothing more than negative nellies who are always against something rather than open-minded people committed to positive action.

So, what is it with Baptists? Are we really just a protect-the-nest kind of denomination? Do we really only call ourselves “Baptist” because previous generations told us to? Or is there still something valuable to be found within Baptist traditions?

On this episode of The DBC Podcast, Bo’s conducts two different interviews with some non-local Baptist “experts.” Dr. Craig Taylor, a former church pastor and current director with Mission Centers of Houston in Houston, Texas, and Dr. Alan Lefever, the Director of the Baptist Historical Collection in Waco, Texas, both offer their personal and professional opinions on the value of specific Baptist beliefs and what they think Christians must understand about denominational roots. Both men have served within Baptist churches and organizations for decades, but are also not afraid to point out some of the areas for improvement they see in today’s Baptist churches.

Please bear with the audio quality of this episode because these interviews were conducted via Skype. And also bear with Bo’s eagerness to discuss Baylor Bear football with two fellow Baylor University alumni. It is a Baptist discussion with a couple of Texans, after all, so Baylor University was bound to come up a few times.

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Episode 19 - So You Think You Can Baptist?

Episode 19 – So You Think You Can Baptist?

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