Mary Had a Little Lamb (of God)

It’s STILL the most wonderful time of year! A time to celebrate Jesus. Yes, there are those who will persist in rejecting him as Savior. However, these same people still cherish the very things Jesus came to bring us: hope, peace, joy, love…

As such, Christmas can be the most unifying time of year.

But that doesn’t make the story of Christmas easier to swallow. In fact, there are some extraordinary, outlandish things Christians believe about the inception of God’s salvation, a lot of which is wrapped up in a young Jewish teenager who lived over 2000 years ago in a backwater town in the Galilean hill country of Palestine. What on earth are we supposed to learn from such a story, and from such a strange figure like sweet, innocent Mary of Nazareth?

On this episode of The DBC Podcast, I sat down with co-hosts Brenda Russell (Minister with Children) and Allen Taliaferro (Discipleship Intern) to dig into the story of Mary and examine it from a variety of angles. We unearthed some amazing insights that, when it comes to food for thought, provides plenty of leftovers. We also got into what Christmas decorations hold the most personal meaning, why Allen hates colored Christmas lights, and the best placement for your Nativity scene wise men.

And here’s the most important part of this post. We need you to share your own thoughts with us about the Christmas story and its characters, as well as your personal opinions on Christmas decorations and symbols, and your picks for the best Christmas movies. We want it all, because it may be featured on our next episode. Let us know you’re out there by commenting below.

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Episode 23 – Mary Had a Little Lamb (of God)



3 thoughts on “Mary Had a Little Lamb (of God)

  1. Another great episode. Thank you for pointing out (not to dwell) that Mary wasn’t perfect and yet God chose to use her for such integral part of salvation’s plan. Its so easy to look at the world around us and feel insignificant, or see how others act and feel undeserving, but God has plans for us all and this was a great reminder of how important it is to listen for those plans and say yes to the opportunities that come. Looking forward to next week!


  2. Another great episode. Thanks for pointing out how Mary never called out as perfect as a reminder of the amazing things that God can do with us imperfect people. It is easy to get caught up in feels on unworthiness or shortfall and think God cannot use us but He proved with Mary how important regular folks are to fulfilling His plans. Thank you for the reminder to always stay alert for the opportunity to take part in God’s plan.


    1. Thanks, Sam, for the comments. Glad you enjoyed the episode. Honestly, this was one of my favorite conversations all year. I am continually in awe of Mary – not just her willingness to abide by the Lord’s will, but the extraordinary amount of TRUST that must have underscored that willingness. I think that’s also part of the takeaway for us all. How much do we TRUST God to accomplish His purposes through us? Even when it seems laughable, unlikely, impossible… how do we hold on to that kind of trust that God will accomplish what He has set in motion? To be alert for what God is going to do is to embrace that kind of trust; otherwise, I wonder if we’ll really see Him at work like we hope.


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