Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

How should Christians today speak about Jesus? Do we leave him in the past tense (e.g., “Jesus showed us the path of salvation…”), or do we allow his presence to remain with us in the here and now (e.g., “Jesus continues to show me the way to honor God with my life…”)?

On this episode of the The DBC Podcast, our senior pastor, Allen Jackson, stresses the importance of our Savior’s eternal presence. If we want to become the kind of people who don’t simply live Sunday to Sunday but rather experience the goodness and joy of the Christian life 24/7, then we must seek to recognize the presence of Jesus in our lives throughout our weeks. The story of Jesus is not simply the story of how God once interacted with humanity, but the story of how he transformed each and every relationship with God for the better – a transformation that persists to this day! And so, our Savior is indeed the one expressed in the book of Revelation, which repeats the phrase, “who was, who is, and who is to come.”

This is the final episode of The DBC Podcast for 2015. Can you believe it? Two dozen episodes in the can. We hope you have enjoyed them. If there are any you haven’t yet listened to, you’ve got a couple of weeks before we release any new episodes, so make sure you do some catching up over the holidays.

As always, please join the conversation in the Comments section below – let us know your own thoughts on the Christmas story, and what you think it looks like when a Christian lives every day in light of Jesus’ eternal, abiding presence.

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Episode 24 - Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

Episode 24 – Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

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