It’s About Time

In 1748, Benjamin Franklin famously wrote, “Remember, time is money.”

He wasn’t the first one to recognize how work is influenced and ordered by the amount and progression of time. But what we don’t think Mr. Hundred Dollar Bill realized is that his statement goes a lot deeper than hourly wages.

Time is money – it’s a currency for how we order our lives and function within them. The abiding metaphor we use regarding time is an financial metaphor. We invest our time. Spend our time. Allocate our time. This isn’t because we’re obsessed with money. It’s because we recognize that there are more ways to make good and bad investments than monetarily.

And when it comes to time, we can often find our budgets blown. We are no stranger to overspending our time and energy, especially in a culture that always has another thing to offer us, another way to spend our time. Because of this, it can be very difficult to preserve time for what truly matters – to maintain margin in out lives.

On this episode of The DBC Podcast, I sat down with two of my favorite Bible teachers, Steve Johns and George Haynes, to discuss just how important it is for people to recognize the value of time. These two had some wonderful insights and ideas to share, and I came away from our conversation excited to put their thoughts into action in my own life. I hope you also enjoy and are challenged by what they had to say.

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Episode 26 – It’s About Time

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