The DBC Lovecast

Love, baby! It makes the world go ’round. It warms the heart. It makes the bitter bright and the reserved rapturous. All that stuff… Right?


Okay, so maybe I’m not the best composer of greeting cards, and maybe I’ll never have a career producing Valentines for Hallmark. But I do know one thing about love – or, I should say, I know the One who has loved us perfectly.

On this episode of The DBC Podcast, in the wake of Valentine’s Day, we’re discussing the nature of true, transcendent love – the love of Jesus for us, and the love he wanted us to have and show to one another (John 15:12-17). It seems like a pretty tall order, but we cannot forget that this wasn’t a hopeful suggestion; it was, and remains, a command.

Thanks to the slightly lax work hours on President’s Day, I was joined by two first-timers to the podcast, Aaron Saldana and Chris Rylands, both of whom are active in the life of DBC in a variety of groups and service positions. And they’re also incredibly bright, thoughtful guests who have a lot of great stuff to share about how the love of Jesus should permeate our relationships with family, spouses, children, friends, and even people we meet for the first time.

But this is The DBC Lovecast, which means there’s some extra stuff here just for fun. I offer up more than you could ever want to know about St. Valentine, throw down some obscure facts about Back to the Future‘s Oscar results, and express my disappointment for not getting to spend Valentine’s Day with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Remember, this is your chance to add to our conversations about the ways Jesus told us to live by sharing your own thoughts and questions in the comments section below. How has the simple truth of “Jesus Loves Me” impacted you? In what ways do you strive to obey Jesus’ command to “love one another”?

Click on the image below to be directed to our official iTunes page where you can download or stream the episode – or subscribe to receive each new episode automatically. You can also listen via the media player embedded below.

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