Just how important is memory?

Have you ever stopped to consider just how many actions we take, day in and day out, to preserve memories, the small and insignificant to the big and profound? So much of what we do today, all the way down to social media programs like Instagram and Pinterest, are in service of preserving memories.

But how much of this is mere documentation? How much of the memories we record do we also evaluate in terms of significance and legacy?

On this episode of The DBC Podcast, I sat down with regular co-hosts, Jeff Reams (Minister of Missions and host of the Mission Life Podcast) and Katie Phillips (coordinator of the One Family Ministry here at DBC) to discuss the various ways we establish reminders – or, to be biblical, “erect Ebenezers” – in order to preserve the power and significance of certain experiences.

It turns out that memory plays a very important role in Scripture. The term “Ebenezer” that shows up in some of our old hymns is actually a reference to a moment in Israel’s history in which the people built an altar to God because of how He came to their rescue in a serious battle. The word is a transliteration of a Hebrew term meaning “stone of help.” And we have these “stones of help,” or “memory makers,” in our own lives.

Of course, memory plays an important role in our relationships with Christ, too. But what about the scars – those bad memories that we wish we didn’t have to remember? The scars we picked up before we came to Christ, and the scars we picked up after we came to him? How do we move forward in hope and joy while we still carry with us the wounds of experiences and moments that caused pain and disillusionment? How can God redeem even our scars, and make them an integral part of our life in Him?

If you’ve ever asked these questions yourself, then this podcast conversation is for you!

As always, please consider sharing some of your own story – and maybe some of your own Ebenezers – with the rest of us in the Comments section below. I would love to hear from you!

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