Survey Says!

Throughout February and the first part of March, many of the good folks at Dunwoody Baptist Church were kind enough to lend their thoughts and opinions to an Adult Spiritual Formation survey that I created with the help of my intern, Allen Taliaferro.

The primary purpose of this survey was to allow individuals to gauge their current “level” of spiritual health. Fifteen questions were designed to help each survey-taker evaluate his or her current practices, or opinions, regarding four distinct areas of discipleship: prayer, Bible study, worship, and missions. 

In a six-week period, roughly 1500 people were invited to take part in the survey. These included members and regular attenders of DBC. We received 334 responses, and over 400 unique comments on some of the specific areas covered in the survey.


On this episode of The DBC Podcast, I sat down with my aforementioned intern, Allen Taliaferro, and Jeff Reams, our Minister of Missions, to have a first-glance discussion on the data culled from these 334 responses. This was an initial conversation meant to precede a lot of specific analysis and evaluation of the survey results. Simply put, it was a conversation based on our knee-jerk responses to your responses. And it made for a rich discussion that not only touches on the current spiritual “climate” of Dunwoody Baptist, but also what we hope the future holds.

After all, we have entered once again into the season of Easter, and that means another opportunity for us to focus on resurrection and renewal. So, we decided to explore how the data collected from this survey points to what the future holds for our church, our community, and the Church worldwide.

If you are a regular attender of Dunwoody Baptist Church but did not get a chance to lend your voice to the survey, please feel free to offer some of your own thoughts on the areas covered in this podcast by commenting on this post. I will be glad to add your voice to the data we’ve collected.

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