What Are You Waiting For?

For a Christian, it’s a significant question.

One with many levels.

Eschatologically speaking, it’s not just what we are waiting for, but also, and even more pointedly, who?

Evangelistically speaking, is our waiting a mere pause to identify where the Holy Spirit is at work, preparing encounters for us? Or, is our waiting more of a reluctance because we feel uninspired, unequipped, or downright afraid to bear witness to our faith in God and the reality of His kingdom?

On this episode of The DBC Podcast, I sat down with Jeff Reams (Minister of Missions) and Allen Taliaferro (Discipleship Intern), who, it seems, have co-hosted so many podcasts both together and separately that they can’t even count anymore. So, after we chatted about whether the three of us properly observed Mothers Day and gave the maternal credit where credit was due (we love you Moms and wives!), we jumped into a discussion on Acts 1 and Matthew 28. First, our focus was on Jesus’ ascension and the ramifications/significance of it. (Allen would really like to know more about what it looked like, so Luke might need to prepare an expanded version of his book to share once we’re all powwowing in the heavenly kingdom.)

After this, we launched into some deep conversation about Jesus’ command to bear witness to his kingdom. Indeed, there is no doubt by his words and actions that Jesus was revealing himself as an exalted Lord, thereby obliterating all puny worldly allegiances and patriotisms the disciples may have been maintaining up until that point (or, at least, reordering those allegiances).

All in all, it was a great conversation, but it was also made even better by what we got to add in at the end. At the close of the conversation, we’ve added an exclusive clip of Jeff Ream’s latest Mission Life Podcast conversation with Jeremy Holloman, who recently moved with his family to Greece to work with the incoming refugees. The full episode of Jeff’s conversation with Jeremy will be posted soon (episode 10 on that podcast), so make sure you check out and subscribe to the Mission Life Podcast in addition to this one. And since you’ll be playing around on iTunes and such, how about leaving some reviews to let us know how we’re doing?

As always, add your own thoughts and questions to our conversation by sharing them in the comments section below. I would love to here from you and continue the conversation.

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