The Way We Begin

Did you know last Sunday was the Church’s birthday?

No, seriously, it was. There really is a festival called Pentecost, and it was on that very day, centuries and centuries ago, the Church was born, and in the most extraordinary way.

We’re talking violent wind, fire in the form of heavenly tongues (whatever that looks like), the spontaneous uttering of dozens if not hundreds of languages, and a crowd gathering to hear a Galilean fisherman preach the first ever altar call sermon. Oh, and then a baptism service for 3000 people (where’d they get so much water?!).

Yes, it is as strange a story as it is amazing. And, like many of the stories in Scripture, we sometimes treat them with an idealistic, “isn’t that nice?” attitude. Sometimes we fail to take them as seriously – and apply them as confidently – as we should.

On this episode of The DBC Podcast, the conversation focuses on a amazingly strange – or strangely amazing – story that many of us have heard before: Acts 2. This text is chock full of incredible details, amazing fulfillments, and inspiring actions, but what good is it if we only treat it as a singularity within the life of the Church?

I sat down with two wonderfully insightful ladies, Judi Jackson (DiscipleU teacher and wife of our senior pastor, Allen Jackson) and Beth Southers (Area Director of Community Bible Study) to dig into the details of this foundational chapter and glean lessons for the Church today from the moment in which it began.

We asked some deep questions, and our conversation benefitted from it. For instance, what do we expect from God? Is it presumptuous to expect anything, or does God desire us to tell him our expectations of his power? What can happen when a community of believers truly draws together and devotes themselves to teaching, breaking bread, and prayer? How can we experience the movement of the Spirit in more profound ways?

I’d love to hear from you. Make sure you add your own thoughts (or ask further questions) in the comments section below.

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