Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going (Season 1 Finale)

Well, we did it.

We made it through an entire season of The DBC Podcast! Forty-one episodes (and one mini-episode) to be exact. In my own mind, we’ve come a long way from the day Mark Paul, Steve Johns, and I sat down to try out this whole podcasting thing. But I have thoroughly enjoyed every conversation from episode 1 (the unofficially dubbed “Lost Episode” that was never really lost) to this one forty episodes later.

And, on this episode, my four – that’s right, four – cohosts and I simply looked back at the year that was (and by that I mean the 2015-2016 fall/spring “year” that so many of us with kids or who work in churches operate within) and reflected on what we learned, what God taught us, and how certain shared experiences uniquely affected each one of us. It was both a cathartic and amusing experience, and just further proof that the community of faith – this thing we call the Church – shares a bond like no other.

I was joined by veteran cohosts Mark Paul, Jeff Reams, Allen Taliaferro, and Katie Phillips, and each one was a joy to sit and talk with. I’m so thankful to be surrounded by such deep wisdom and genuine faith. I hope you enjoy our conversation as we reflect on the year, and as we offered our hopes for the one to come (Lord-willing).

A little over halfway into the episode (minute 43) is a brief announcement regarding how the The DBC Podcast will play host to the recordings of our church’s Summer Institute classes this summer, so rest assured that even though today’s episode is indeed the season finale, there is plenty of content coming this summer.

In the meantime, I hope to hear from some of you faithful listeners, who are the true reason we continue to record these shows. What have you learned in the past year? What have been some of your most wild and crazy moments? And what are you hoping for in the months and year to come? Let us know in the comments.

Click on the image below to be directed to our official iTunes page with links to download and/or subscribe to the show. You can also listen via the Soundcloud.com media player at the bottom.

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