Technology – Tweets and Texts and Apps, Oh My!

If you are reading this post, guess what? You’re influenced by technology. And in so very many ways.

The sheer number of technological developments that have happened in the last decade just so you could be on your “laptop” (or “smart phone,” or “tablet”) and checking this “blog” to read about the latest “podcast” episode… well, once you venture down that rabbit hole, it boggles the mind.

Some of us have a love-hate relationship with technology, while others of us don’t really have much of the “hate” side of that relationship. Even though the stereotype is that millennials are much more text-savvy than other generations, the way you feel about, and relate to, technology in your daily life isn’t necessarily based on your age.

The real question is, Is all this new technology good for Christians, or is it having too many adverse effects on our spiritual lives?

You see, there are any number of things about our modern technology that we could have discussed on this podcast. That in itself was what made this episode’s conversation kind of all-over-the-place. And that’s part of the issue, isn’t it? Are we more focused or less focused because of how much access we have to one another, and to all sorts of information, based on the Internet and smartphones and the like? Is there a way to maintain a disciplined life when we have so much access to so many things previous generations of Christians could not have even dreamed of?

On this episode, I sat down with two very insightful women and DBC Podcast veterans: Heather Morris (Student Ministry Associate) and Katie Phillips (Coordinator of our church’s 1 Family Orphan Care Ministry). Both women have their own experiences with using technology and shepherding young people through its benefits and pitfalls, and so they’ve had a lot of opportunity to think through the question of whether all this newfangled tech is worthwhile or detrimental to our spiritual growth. Thus, our conversation, while meandering through the vast forest of technological realities, was incredibly engrossing. I hope you find some of our thoughts on this huge subject to be helpful in your own life.

This is another one of those great topics in which we only scratch the surface. So, since we have all this great connectivity these days, how about we connect with each other? Go to the Comments section below and leave your own thoughts on what we’ve talked about, ask your questions, or correct us if you feel we misspoke. The DBC Podcast values not only the one conversation we record for each episode, but also the ongoing conversations that take place online. At the bottom of this post, I have included the link to the Barna Group research article we cited on the show.

Click the image below to be directed to our official iTunes page where you can stream or download the episode, or subscribe to begin automatically downloading every new episode of the podcast. Or you can listen via the media player at the bottom.

Barna Group research on Millennial Christians and technology:

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