Mini-Episode #3 – Halloween: What’s a Christian to Do?

Okay, so it’s finally that time of year. You know, the one that Kroger starts providing decorations for in the middle of August…

That’s right! Halloween is just a few days away.

Some folks have great memories of Halloween, while others could certainly do without it. And for many Christians, Halloween is a difficult holiday to embrace, what with all the frightening imagery and alleged pagan roots.

But while the real danger of Halloween might actually be excessive amounts of processed sugar (and, of course, creepy clowns), it can sometimes be difficult for a Christian to know how best to observe the holiday, let alone enjoy it.

On this special mini-episode of The DBC Podcast, I sit down with Halloween-observing pro, Katie Phillips (Coordinator of DBC’s 1 Family Foster Care Ministry) to chat about the beloved Halloween traditions we grew up with and still enjoy today, and to consider the beneficial aspects of this odd holiday. I also share some background on where Halloween comes from, and whether or not it is really a pagan construct. If you’re a little rusty on how this time of year came about, or how to make the most of October 31, have a listen to this episode. I think you’ll enjoy it.

To listen, click on the image below. You will be directed to our official iTunes page where you can stream/download the episode, or subscribe to receive every new episode as soon as it drops. Or you can listen via the embedded player below.

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