Racism: Can’t We All Just Talk About It?

Whatever your views may be on the current state of race relations in America, you would probably agree that a lot of people still struggle to perceive just how deeply significant the issue of racism is, or at least are not confident to engage in open, honest discussion about racial issues with people different from them.

In an effort to draw more Christians into a place where they can begin to understand both the weight of the issue, and how to think about it and address it in helpful, effective ways, this latest episode of The DBC Podcast puts the topic of Racism front and center.

Specifically, our discussion focused on the Christian response to racism. I was blessed to welcome two special guests – Elaina Thompson (leader of “The Middle” Single Adult group at DBC) and Caleb Hallman (co-leader of DBC’s Young Professionals ministry) – who shared their own stories and experiences as people of color. Along for the ride was Jeff Reams (Mission Pastor) who has his own unique perspective and pressing questions about this issue. Together, we examined why it can be difficult for Christians – even those deeply committed to the same local church – to engage in open dialogue about race and its related issues, and attempted to share some pointers for how to make progress in this area, both in thought and in action.

This is definitely a conversation that will spur some additional thoughts and questions, so we want to encourage you to keep this conversation going right here on the website. Leave a comment with your own thoughts, personal experiences, or follow-up questions to what we shared in this episode. You can also tweet to us at @dbcpodcasts.

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Episode 52 – Racism: Can’t We All Just Talk About It?

Show Notes

Showing Up for Racial Injustice organization website: www.surjatl.com

Black America Web website:

On Ramp: Two Christians Talk About Race podcast: itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/on-ra…d1186180153?mt=2

2 thoughts on “Racism: Can’t We All Just Talk About It?

  1. Racism: Can’t We All Just Talk About It?

    Be advised Mr. Bo Bowen I’m reluctant to address the issue of “Racism: Can’t We All Just Talk About It?” when we’re living in an America that has no problem spying on it’s on people and the innocent are silenced or attempted to be silenced like (Mr. Snowden) as the lates victim.

    The problem with racism is far too many of us as Americans running around playing Let’s Pretend. People acting like, let’s pretend something is wrong with you and let’s pretend nothing is wrong with me. We need only look at how America is structured to see how these roles are played out. The wealthy don’t spend much time with those that aren’t equally wealthy. The laws for the wealthy aren’t the same for the poor. Managers are better then employees, Bosses are better then managers and employees. Socialites are better than common people and as one continues through America’s social and economical structure Division is how we live our lives. Racism is just another part of America’s lifestyle. We support racism mainly because we’ve not matured to move beyond the selfish lifestyle we’ve grown up with and understand. We revel in ignorance about each other because division promotes ignores. Example of ignores. How many times have we seen maybe a movie star or chart topper singer and say to ourselves if I could be him or her, until we face what we couldn’t see that people are trying to steal their money. Coming to them with false offers, being lied to all the time. To talk about racism you have to be real, meaning you can’t sit at the table with a limited vision, limited understanding. Having a real desire to make a change not just the same old talk and doing nothing more then changing things around.


    1. Thanks, Leo F, for the comment (and apologies it took so long to moderate – the notification was in my junk e-mail for some reason). I agree with you that there is a lot of pretending when it comes to addressing the topic of racism in America. That is, a lot of people pretending to be tolerant and open without doing the hard work of examining themselves and how deeply the disease of prejudice may have burrowed into our minds and souls. I agree that we must strive for a full vision when we sit down together, and I hope this podcast conversation was one of those moments of fullness.


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