Church History 2: This Time, It’s Imperial!

In episode 44 of the podcast, Allen Taliaferro (DBC’s Outreach Pastor) said something very simple, yet very profound, regarding why Christians should study Church History in addition to our Bibles.

“We stand on the faith of our ancestors.”

In this second installment of our Church History “suite” of episodes, we see all the more remarkably how every single figure and event in the 2000-year history of the Christian faith occurs in relationship to others. Cause and effect. Moving forward while merging and influencing and bouncing off everything else. And here in 2017, we are the product of two main things: the power of the Spirit of Jesus Christ indwelling and transforming us, and all those millions of transformed people who came before us.

On this episode of The DBC Podcast, my partner in history-retelling (the aforementioned Pastor Taliaferro) and I pick up where we left off in Episode 44 – with a guy named Constantine. In the previous episode in this suite, we covered the early Church as it weathered imperial persecution and nonetheless grew exponentially. In this episode, we begin with the moment all of that changed – not the growth, so much, as the persecution. We talk about the legitimization of Christianity and its rise to becoming the de facto religion of the Roman Empire. From there, we discuss how the pros and cons of this sudden and profound cultural shift unwind and bounce off each other, irrevocably changing the entire Western world.

If you have comments, questions, favorite events or figures we forgot, or maybe even corrections for us (pobody’s nerfect), please leave a comment on this post. And, if you like this episode and the podcast in general, please consider leaving us a review on our iTunes page. The link is below.

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