Resurrection: What If It’s True?

It is not uncommon in many churches today for the word resurrection to come across as just another one of those Christian-ese words that has lost all meaning, or even for the concept of resurrection to be glossed over as little more than a happy-accident epilogue of the Jesus story.

But if you read the New Testament, without resurrection (and by that I mean the bodily resurrection of Jesus from the dead), the very structure and hope of the Christian faith falls apart. So vitally integral to the Christian faith is resurrection that we simply assume a follower of Jesus understands and accepts it, and we rarely spend time unpacking the ramifications of this extraordinary historical event.

On this episode of The DBC Podcast, I sat down with DBC’s Senior Pastor, Allen Jackson, and Mission Pastor, Jeff Reams, in an effort to not assume anything about resurrection, but instead to spend time unraveling the mystery. The goal was not to figure it all out. It was to spend time marveling at the mystery, and following the implications wherever they lead… which I can assure you is to places that are exceedingly glorious!

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2 thoughts on “Resurrection: What If It’s True?

  1. If the resurrection is a hoax, getting soooo many to participate must have been some feat. Too much has been written about this event for it to be nothing but truth. I know I will one day follow Jesus in this resurrection journey. There would be no purpose to life were the death and resurrection of Jesus a lie.


    1. Thanks, Gerry, for the comment and for listening.
      There are indeed a number of very dubious things that needed to be agreed upon in dramatic conspiratorial fashion for the resurrection to be a hoax. I also appreciate some of the arguments N.T. Wright makes in his book Surprised By Hope regarding the legitimacy of a bodily resurrection (as opposed to merely a “sense” of Jesus’ enduring presence).


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