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In episode 44 of the podcast, Allen Taliaferro (DBC’s Outreach Pastor) said something very simple, yet very profound, regarding why Christians should study Church History in addition to our Bibles. “We stand on the faith of our ancestors.” In this second installment of our Church History “suite” of episodes, we see all the more remarkably how […]

Whatever your views may be on the current state of race relations in America, you would probably agree that a lot of people still struggle to perceive just how deeply significant the issue of racism is, or at least are not confident to engage in open, honest discussion about racial issues with people different from them. […]

Have you ever stopped to consider why we keep so many Christmas traditions year after year? From lights and decorations, to ornaments and gifts, to Santa Claus and Nativity scenes, to family gatherings and elaborate meals, why do we feel the need to participate in so many of these seemingly integral activities? And what exactly […]

Okay, so it’s finally that time of year. You know, the one that Kroger starts providing decorations for in the middle of August… That’s right! Halloween is just a few days away. Some folks have great memories of Halloween, while others could certainly do without it. And for many Christians, Halloween is a difficult holiday […]

This summer, The DBC Podcast will host the audio recordings of each of the six special classes offered on Sunday mornings known as the Summer Institute. These are five-session classes (three classes per semester) taught by some of the most knowledgable teachers in our church. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will feature a new session. […]

Well, we did it. We made it through an entire season of The DBC Podcast! Forty-one episodes (and one mini-episode) to be exact. In my own mind, we’ve come a long way from the day Mark Paul, Steve Johns, and I sat down to try out this whole podcasting thing. But I have thoroughly enjoyed […]

Did you know last Sunday was the Church’s birthday? No, seriously, it was. There really is a festival called Pentecost, and it was on that very day, centuries and centuries ago, the Church was born, and in the most extraordinary way. We’re talking violent wind, fire in the form of heavenly tongues (whatever that looks […]