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Orthodoxy is a word most Christians don’t use anymore, unless they belong to one of the many traditions within the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church. When it comes to the use of “orthodox” as a term to describe the soundness of one’s beliefs, we don’t often use it. Maybe its a word that sounds old-fashioned or […]

“Why do you keep using that word?” Inigo Montoya famously asks in The Princess Bride.  “I do not think it means what you think it means.” Over the last few decades in America, the term “evangelicals” has become a much more commonly used descriptor of a particular voting block than a religious movement. In the wake […]

Did you know that the way you understand the problem of the human condition, and concurrently the way in which the Gospel of Jesus Christ “solves” that problem, is not the only way to understand it? I know, I know, it sounds like I’m suggesting there are different means of salvation. But that’s not what I mean. […]

This summer, The DBC Podcast will host the audio recordings of each of the six special classes offered on Sunday mornings known as the Summer Institute. These are five-session classes (three classes per semester) taught by some of the most knowledgable teachers in our church. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will feature a new session. […]

Doubt. Just the word can scare many Christians. We don’t like the word very much, because many of us can’t help but feel like any expression of doubt goes along with a lack of faith, or perhaps a direct challenge to it. But is that really the case? Or is there a place for doubt […]

What’s the point of observing Holy Week? Isn’t Maundy Thursday a Catholic thing? Why do we call Good Friday “good”? Why should we act on Good Friday like the Resurrection didn’t happen when we know that it did? All of these are wonderful questions, and all of them are addressed in this week’s episode.  It’s […]

What is our deal, people? Why are we so afraid of messing up? Why so quick to make excuses instead of accept that, from time to time, we mess up? Here’s a fact we all know well: we fail. We have shortcomings. From time to time, sometimes far more often than we intend, we sin. But […]