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It is not uncommon in many churches today for the word resurrection to come across as just another one of those Christian-ese words that has lost all meaning, or even for the concept of resurrection to be glossed over as little more than a happy-accident epilogue of the Jesus story. But if you read the New Testament, […]

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions for 2017? If so, how’s it going? Did you know most studies show a 75% failure rate by the time February 1 rolls around? Depressing, huh? But what if there is more to embracing the new year than stereotypical self-improvement? What would happen if Christians seized this blank […]

Most Christians are well aware of the myriad ways our faith and the way we practice it has been shaped by Scripture. We recognize that methods of prayer, elements of our worship services, and the high value we place in preaching and teaching are inspired by fundamental components of faith we read about in our […]

This summer, The DBC Podcast will host the audio recordings of each of the six special classes offered on Sunday mornings known as the Summer Institute. These are five-session classes (three classes per semester) taught by some of the most knowledgable teachers in our church. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will feature a new session. […]

For a Christian, it’s a significant question. One with many levels. Eschatologically speaking, it’s not just what we are waiting for, but also, and even more pointedly, who? Evangelistically speaking, is our waiting a mere pause to identify where the Holy Spirit is at work, preparing encounters for us? Or, is our waiting more of a reluctance […]

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you knew God wanted you to speak or act in a certain way? How did you respond? Were you afraid? Did you decide to just keep to yourself, or did you step out on the proverbial limb and give in to that inkling? What were the […]