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Orthodoxy is a word most Christians don’t use anymore, unless they belong to one of the many traditions within the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church. When it comes to the use of “orthodox” as a term to describe the soundness of one’s beliefs, we don’t often use it. Maybe its a word that sounds old-fashioned or […]

“Why do you keep using that word?” Inigo Montoya famously asks in The Princess Bride.¬† “I do not think it means what you think it means.” Over the last few decades in America, the term¬†“evangelicals” has become a much more commonly used descriptor of a particular voting block than a religious movement. In the wake […]

Okay, so it’s finally that time of year. You know, the one that Kroger starts providing decorations for in the middle of August… That’s right! Halloween is just a few days away. Some folks have great memories of Halloween, while others could certainly do without it. And for many Christians, Halloween is a difficult holiday […]

If you are reading this post, guess what? You’re influenced by technology. And in so very many ways. The sheer number of technological developments that have happened in the last decade just so you could be on your “laptop” (or “smart phone,” or “tablet”) and checking this “blog” to read about the latest “podcast” episode… […]

Most Christians are well aware of the myriad ways our faith and the way we practice it has been shaped by Scripture. We recognize that methods of prayer, elements of our worship services, and the high value we place in preaching and teaching are inspired by fundamental components of faith we read about in our […]

Is it possible for you to ever think of yourself as a person of prayer? When we hear the description “a person of prayer,” we often picture some admirably pious person. We think of those spiritual giants who teach Sunday School, serve as deacons, lead church committees, witness to people at bus stops, etc. But, […]